Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saffiano Personal Review

I recently ordered the Aqua Personal Saffiano from Filofax Norway and it arrived 3 work days later.

It was wrapped in what seems to be the new "box", a plastic sleeve. I had to wait a while to actually open it and "play" with it, but I got time this morning to take some pictures of it.

The facts:
Rings are 23 mm.
Size is 135mm x 190mm x 35mm.
Came with a 2013/2014 diary (starting July 2013).
I even got a top opening envelope (I think different "shops" have different stuff they put in as standard, did not get any extras envelopes with the others).

Left no flash.
Right with flash.

Not too sure if i like the lined WOTP or not. I think I'll find these cluttered and confusing when using my colored frixion pens. Perhaps I'll switch these out with the ones in my Compact..
I love the norwegian/swedish info pages though.

It came with the blue/aqua dividers. Nice colours, but a bit boring so these will have to be replaced with something more Me.

Not lying flat, but I have a feeling it will when I've filled her up and she's been used a bit.

This is ONE of the main features I wanted in my personal binder. The notepad "pocket"!!
 I love having somewhere to write down a quick note or important stuff and then sort it into the right spot later. This will help!

The pen loop is elastic and the strap is long enough to stuff this baby to the max.

3 card pockets on the left side and a big "pocket" to stuff your phone, stickers or whatever in.


 Compared to the A5 Calipso. Perfect!!


And then alongside the compact Calipso

 And then a few family pictures for you to enjoy. I love my colours :)

So far I love everything about it except that when I open it the fabric on the closure flap wrinkles.
 I've been opening it by pulling the flap from the side (or top of it actually) that way I am not noticing any creasing so I like that better. The binder feels "puffy" and I like it. The rings might not be the best, my Calipso A5 has better ones. But until there is an actual problem with them I see no harm in using it. If they end up bugging me and messing up my papers I'll give Filofax a call and ask for their help. 

Thank you for reading my "yet another blog post about the Saffiano" :) Have a good day!


  1. Great review! I love that colour and the cross-hatching texture. It's a very attractive binder and I'd now get one if I didn't already have my heart set on an aqua Malden.

  2. I have been wanting to purchase a Saffiano for the longest time but each time I check online they are sold out :( They look so gorgeous and "modern".

  3. I really like those lined weekly pages. I haven't seen them before.

    Thanks for sharing the review. Looks like a great planner.

  4. @homemakersdaily they're the swedish/norwegian/danish WOTP. If you order from or there is a good chance you get these in your planner :) That being said, a friend of mine and I ordered the Saffiano in different colour with two days (saturday/sunday) between orders and i got the swedish/norwegian/danish ones and she got plain swedish ones. So I gave her mine since I already had unlined english ones I was using from my Calipso. I now have the swedish ones and hopefully trading them off for something else ;)

  5. I totally geeked out when I saw the Tardis charm on your Calypso because just last night I was telling my husband that the blue Calypso is the perfect Tardis blue color!! So awesome :)