Friday, August 2, 2013

Nerding out my "Tardis"

I love the color of my blue Calipso and it's just the right shade if "Tardis blue" so since I LOVE doctor who and named my filo "Tardis" I needed to make the inside match. So here I proudly present to you my nerd deco: dividers, sticky notes and charm. I also got my hands on a Tardis stamp (but haven't got a picture of it).

Sorry it's on it's side.


  1. Thanks for sharing & I agree, fabulous! :)
    (I'm a real Dr Who fan as well)

  2. I love those dividers - will miss Matt Smith when he's gone. I'm sat eagerly waiting 8pm when the new doctor will be announced :-)

  3. I NEED all those awesome Doctor Who things!! Where did you find them?

  4. @Super Woman
    I got the charm (tardis) and the digital files from etsy and made the dividers myself and attached a heart and chain to the charm. There is all kinds of amazing doctor who stuff on etsy.

  5. These are fabulous! I'm a total geek for the Doctor ;)