Monday, June 17, 2013

Calipso Compact Review

I fell in love with my A5 Calipso and figured I needed a smaller one to lug around in my handbag. I loved the Calipso so much that I figured I'd get the compact one in teal. I ordered it from and it arrived safely and quickly.

As it's older sister it arrived in a plastic cover, inside a white cotton/paper bag and packaged gently inside a white box. This was put inside a normal bubble envelope.

The first thing that I noticed was the color, not quite as bright as I had imagined. Not that I don't like it because i do. It just isn't quite as "happy" as the blue A5.
Also it has a "line" down the front cover from something lying on it perhaps. But I'm letting this smoothe itself out by a little wear.

Now to the actual facts. It's slim and pretty, but as tall and wide as a normal personal. After a few weeks of use I find it to be a bit to slim for me. But it fits well inside my overstuffed diaper bag when I go out with my son. If they ever decide to make a personal Calipso I'll be first in line.

It has 15mm rings. Measurements are 135mm wide, 200mm high and 30mm deep. That makes it the same width as the Saffiano personal, taller and just 5mm less in depth.

 Inside front cover there are 4 card slots, one full depth pocket and  one vertical pocket.

 The front cover and dividers it came with. Same as the A5.
 Came with week on two pages. Roomy and nice. Perfect!

As you can see this isn't even close to lying flat on it's own. But as this is a compact and always on the go, that isn't too much of a problem for me. The leather is very soft though so after a little use it might soften up a little and start lying flat.

Inside the back there is a full length vertical, zipped pocket. I'd personally prefer the notepad or a full length pocket behind the zippered one, but that's a matter of perspective. For me this pocket won't be much used.

And the back of the planner. Love that the stitching is the same color as the leather.

 On the left my Filofax Calipso pen in Teal (not the same teal as the planner which is a sad thing since they have the same name and i bought it in the hope it would be the exact same color). On the right my huge Swarovski pen. They both fit nicely thanks to the elastic pen loop. Sadly the big pen is a bit of a strech, but it is too big of a pen to fit with the inserts and everything I want to put in the planner anyway.

 Croc effect clasp. A nice detail that I was a bit unsure of, but i hardly notice it really.

 In this you can see the line on the front.

 This one is taken with flash making the teal color pop a bit more.

 Please excuse my cluttered living room in the back.

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  1. Great review! Too bad about that line down the front, hopefully it will come out over time. I love this color!