Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Calipso A5 Review

My pretty new Calipso A5 filofax in Bright Blue.

I ordered it from and it arrived within a few days, love the quick delivery!
Now it came in a white box with a white cotton/paper bag wrapped around it. The binder itself was wrapped in plastic like the ones you'd see in the store.
I was so excited i ripped the packaging apart and therefor cannot show you a picture of it.
This is how my new beauty looks like (no flash on the left and flash on the right).

What the back looks like.

 Inside looks like this (I've put in a new front page, the one shown is not the one it comes with).

 This is the front page and dividers that came with the binder.

Supplied with a week on two pages columns.  
It says supplied with a 2013 diary, but i was surprised to find you get the 2014 diary too. 

On the right side there is a zipped pocket on the inside. I'm not so sure if I like this or not, I think I'd rather have the notepad to jot down important stuff. But i still love the Calipso.

 Here you can see the difference between a big pen and a filofax pen. 
The elastic pen loop fits them both, although the bigger pen as quite thick and is a bit of a hassle to get in and out easily.

 As you can see it lies pretty flat. Flat enough for me anyway.

Closed with the big pen in the pen loop.

And then a picture of my A5 Calipso with her little sister the Compact Calipso in Teal.


  1. I've been eyeballing the blue A5 calipso for awhile. It's so pretty. How are you liking it? Have you found something to do with the back zip pocket?

  2. I hadn´t really fancied the calipso for some reason, but now I´ve seen that gorgeous bright blue A5...

  3. I have a bright blue compact Calipso slowly making its way to me as we speak. Can't wait. Your photos look gorgeous!